My Children Are Not My Problem

Didn’t they say it will take a village to raise a child? So I will let the village raise my child…I’m busy. I need to make up for some of the teen and younger adult years I lost raising my child. I need to get my groove back and I deserve to have a life too! Teaching them how to read and write, math and physical education…there are teachers for that. Morals and social skills? They will pick those up along the way by interacting with their friends and other kids in school and the community.  I had to do it and look at me. I turned out just fine....

Escaping The Matrix

No one person by choice will be a slave, not in the labor force anyway.  There is no logic to it. Toiling endlessly to profit another while all of your needs and desires are yet to be met.  Ever wake up in the morning to the sound of an alarm clock and just snap? Do you fantasize about picking up the device and throwing it against a wall, as if that would actually change the reality of the situation?  Now you have broken your device…and guess what? You still have to go to work.  While I don’t advise anyone to damage any of their property, as that fixes nothing but...

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