Founder and CEO of The Queenhood, Amani Jackson has been a published author since 2009 when she released her first children’s book, “I’m A Big Boy Now”.  From that point, she continued writing children’s books and has also ventured into fiction and motivation.  In 2010 she joined WSA, Women Speakers Association, and co-authored “Conversations That Make A Difference: Shift Your Beliefs To Get What You Want”.  When asked the golden question, “What inspires you to write?”, she finds the answer quite simple: her readers. Whether it’s children who need development or entertainment or adults who seek same, her reader’s interests keep her motivated.  Her writings go beyond exciting her readers but provoke thought and creativity within themselves.

As a result of her vision to help others bring their dreams to reality, Amani has been on many radio shows and has spoken to a variety of audiences at events on a range of topics spanning the significance of parents reading with their children in the home and effects of social injustices in our communities.  Her public speaking days began in high school when a public speaking coach recognized her potential and began molding her skills.  After graduating, she continued to seek opportunities to discuss important issues with people who would be affected by them and that she held dear to her heart.  She won a scholarship after winning a competition for the Daughters of the American Revolution, and has networked with other organizations such as Blacks In Government, Catholic Charities, and the NAACP (to name a few) as a result of her speaking for them.  Today churches, schools, youth organizations and several other groups book Amani Jackson to engage with them and promote growth.

Amani Jackson is the Virginia chapter president of Authors Promoting Success, a literary support organization aimed at assisting writers with all of their needs from publishing to networking and finding the resources to ensure their success.  It is her passion to see people achieve their aspirations and happiness that motivates her to encourage others.  Her mission is to help people identify their goals, obtain the tools and knowledge necessary to reach them and develop the mindset to drive them there.

As founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Queenhood, she uses her publication as a platform to allow writers to broaden their audience, promote their work and inspire women around the world all at once. She believes all women are ‘A Queen Nonetheless’ and helps women build their own Queendoms!