What’s A World Without Art?

What’s A World Without Art?

In its various forms, art has existed and evolved along with us from the beginning of time.  Dance, song, sculptures, drawings, they never left our side.  Truth be told, art will outlive us. Whispering our stories to the wind long after we are gone. They embody who we are, where we have been and what we love.

I write. It’s my form of art and a piece of the imprint that I hope to leave on the world. My writings have led people to me and me to people. I recently did an electoral piece on a candidate for local office, which led to a phone call I would have never anticipated. It was Sue Henderson, the Renaissance Woman, and she wanted to meet ME.12029107_1109200422443087_1420264648_n

I sat, in a Starbucks café, across from this woman who I could immediately tell had more to offer me than just photography for the Queendom Magazine’s articles. She was well accomplished, connected, confident in who she was and her craft. More importantly, Sue was authentic, like her art.  I listened to her and couldn’t help but look forward to growing in my field as she had in hers.

So amazing in what she does, the cities in our locality commission her to do the art projects for the major events. She was the Program Manager for Stafford’s 350th anniversary and the Fredericksburg Arts Commission.  She is CEO of Henderson Productions, where she hires out her artistic services, as well as a contributing artist at Sophia Street Studios and Colonial Beach Art Guild.

I love women like Sue Henderson, how can you not? Her vibrant art is simply an extension and reflection of herself. Her current exhibit, Loosely Local & In The Land of Hobbits, is being featured until September 30th at England Run Library in Fredericksburg, VA. Loosely Local showcases acrylic abstracts depicting the local Fredericksburg landscape, while In The Land of Hobbits features pieces from Hobbiton and New Zealand which are all for sale; except the one I purchased for myself, of course.12048525_1109199359109860_1431473298_n (1)

So what’s a world without art? Empty, and quiet.  Bland without the textures and colors, edges and curves. The revolutions and the peace that the paint brush inspires. But thanks to the Sue Henderson’s we’ll never have to suffer that.

Head out to England Run Library to enjoy the exhibits. You’ll fall in love with Sue and her art.  Also, check out some of her other events here.12025367_1109200442443085_799363776_n

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  1. Amani & Sue, you both inspire us! I’m so glad you two connected! Great post!

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