Pill Cosby: A Good Drink In Bad Taste

Pill Cosby: A Good Drink In Bad Taste

It is not unusual, especially in this capitalistic society, for businesses and individuals to capitalize on events or situations for their own benefits or gain. However, if not done properly, things often backfire. This is the case with D.C.’s bar, Diet Starts Monday.

In 2014, allegations of sexual assault resurfaced for Bill Cosby and became a hot topic of discussion. The man whose T.V. family many of us grew up watching and idolizing in some form or fashion. An African-American dad with a successful marriage and traditional, wholesome family. A man with great standing in the community who others looked up to.  A man known to have the trusted occupation of going between women’s legs and delivering their children. Yet, in reality, this very model of manhood and fatherhood has been investigated several times for deplorable acts against women.

So where does Diet Starts Monday come into the picture. Well, this D.C. bar thought it would be enterprising to create a Tequila based drink (yum, at least that got this part right) called the ‘Pill Cosby’ with floating empty pill capsules as garnish. Everyone in favor of this idea, raise your hands.

After enough backlash they pulled the drink. But I can’t help but wonder what they were thinking? Fun party idea? Patrons would think it was a hilarious and the drink would be a favorite or conversation starter? The satirical attempt failed and the mockery of a very serious and common issue was in horrible taste. The bar stated that their intention was advocacy for awareness of date rape drugs and drugging in general in bars.

Co-founders Davin Gentry, John Geiger and Kevin ‘Scooty’ Hallums started the retail brand Diet Starts Monday with a clothing line and the bar is an experimental extension of their brand. They state that their brand is known for pushing boundaries. Well, this was a lesson as to where is far enough.

With the impending Cosby trial and sensitivity of the subject, I can only think of what rape victims, sexual assault victims and attempted date rape drug victims felt when they heard of this drink. These are traumatizing events. Can you imagine how much of the D.C. population has experienced it?

So, I’m hoping for a few things. That the truth comes out by the end of the Cosby trial and either an innocent symbol in American T.V. history is cleared of vicious allegations or a sexual deviant is brought to justice. That people’s greed and insensitivity doesn’t continue to embolden them to pursue offensive acts in order to obtain gain. And that indeed, all of the events unfolding around this unfortunate trial bring more awareness and prevention to date rape, sexual assault and drug abuse.

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