My Children Are Not My Problem

Didn’t they say it will take a village to raise a child? So I will let the village raise my child…I’m busy. I need to make up for some of the teen and younger adult years I lost raising my child. I need to get my groove back and I deserve to have a life too! Teaching them how to read and write, math and physical education…there are teachers for that. Morals and social skills? They will pick those up along the way by interacting with their friends and other kids in school and the community.  I had to do it and look at me. I turned out just fine. Taking the time to diligently raise a child I birthed…Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!  Some parents are just lazy and are fine with their children stumbling towards adulthood with as little effort on their part is legally acceptable.

We look around to see the state of many of our youth and wonder what went wrong. We did.  There is a distance and disconnect between the members of the home.  We are not effectively communicating with them; therefore we cannot relate to them. We are misreading their cries for help and distress signals from lack of proper parenting as simple adolescent behavior or of them being problem children, when in fact we are problem parents.

Two of the strangest things to witness are lackadaisical parents who are confused when their children are failing or insulted when their children’s behaviors are criticized.  It is important to remember that children have not been here before. They were not sent WITH a guide telling them what to do and how, they were sent TO a guide, their parent.

Get involved with your children. Speak with them and then take the time to listen to them. Engage in activities that they enjoy with them so that you can understand them at the varying stages in their lives.  Allow them to learn from the mistakes that you made in life instead of having to learn all of their own lessons.  We should aim to protect them from unnecessary trials as much as possible. They will have enough. As a parent be pliant.  Nothing with kids is ‘one size fits all’. They are individuals and we need to approach them and each situation with that in mind.

Parents are right, they do deserve a life. It’s just that their children should be an active part of it. Have you parented your child today?

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