Teen Pregnancy: Options and Costs

Teen Pregnancy: Options and Costs

I never watch the Lifetime channel. The movies are typically over dramatized to me but this one stood out for several reasons.

I needed a break from marketing Legs Closed, my new book for young girls with conversations and provoking questions about their value and why they want to have sex at this age. Barnes and Noble in Tampa just agreed to bring my book into the stores and not just sell it online. A celebratory hour was deserved.

So as I flipped through the channels The Pregnancy Pact caught my eye. The guide told me that a reporter returned to investigate a dramatic increase in teen pregnancy in her home town.

Immediately upon turning to the movie a few new questions formed for me. Watch the brief vlog for my review and tell me what you think. https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=KwvlQT989QE&video_referrer=watch

-Is each parent responsible for discussing sex with the children, or is it father to son and mother to daughter?

-Is abortion mandatory if your teen gets pregnant?

-Will your teen have to get a job to support their child or will you take it on so that they can finish school without even more responsibilities?

-Do you discuss the expenses of having a child with your teen? IE: health insurance, formula, baby food, daycare, diapers, clothes?

-What is your teen’s understanding about sex, relationships, AND their body?


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