Top 5 Christmas Gifts…For Every Year!

Top 5 Christmas Gifts…For Every Year!

We rack our brains every year on what we will get those we love and care about. Sometimes it’s to our budget’s detriment, and even worse, every once and a while the gift we spent our hard earned money on isn’t even appreciated. Here are the top 5 gifts for every Christmas season that you can rest assured won’t be taken for granted-ever.

1. Give a gift that is needed. You know the people that you are giving gifts to. During the year, what is it that they seem to need the most? Many adults receive Visa gift cards or money. This is a reality. People tend to dislike giving money during the holidays because they feel it lacks originality; however, let me tell you, it is far better to be practical than to allow your gift to go to be a waste. If your family or friends struggle to buy groceries, why not give them a gift card to a grocery store? Make sure that your present counts and will be meaningful to the recipient.

2. Give a gift that is wanted. I have this problem often with my husband. I will tell him what I want and he will get me what he wants me to have. I love his gifts because they are from his heart and what he wants for me, BUT-if you have been told someone’s desire and it is within your means-PRESTO! There goes the perfect gift!

3. Give a gift unique to the person. My sister loves animals. When I shop for her I always try to get something with an animal print. She is all about nature and the universe and its balance. These are things that I surround her with. People love being submerged in their element and it keeps their spirits refreshed and strong. If you know an artist, writer, musician, business owner, whatever…cater the gift to their personality or passion.

4. Give a gift that makes the receiver think and grow. My favorite! Life is about continual growth, constantly finding new things about yourself and taking yourself to the next stage. Personally, books and travel are my things. I have to go to new places and experience new cultures and learn from other people. I am also a firm believer that you will learn far more through books and interacting with others than anything else. But that’s me. Buy me books and airfare. What causes the person you are gifting to become more creative, to think outside of the box, to want to be a better them?

5. Lastly, and a first for me this year-I can’t wait to do this!-a gag gift! (I’m in tears laughing just typing this.  Whether you wrap a pack of gum, an empty box, a bag or coal, a jack in the box, a gift bag full of nothing but tissue paper…make it fun!

This is the season. Make it about more than just material. Make it meaningful and spirited! Let’s have fun on Christmas. It seems nowadays everything is over when the last gift is unwrapped. Christmas is so much more. Happy Holidays Everyone!


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