New Year Same You?

New Year Same You?

We have been in 2015 for a few days and many of you, as is tradition, have created your New Year’s resolutions.  What are you planning to conquer this year that you didn’t quite last year, despite all of your efforts or intentions? Weight, love, finances, travel? Whatever your goal it is definitely obtainable. The question is whether you have properly identified the real challenge? The issue was never the magnitude of the goal but the process; and the process begins with you.  change

There is no change that we can accomplish if there is no change made within ourselves. Your mindset is the vehicle that transports you to your destiny.  What keeps many of us back is the refusal to adopt a new perspective. Is that how you want to be? No. That’s why you are still striving to get further. Even if you have accomplished much and are in a good state, growth is perpetual. There is always a next level. Never be so arrogant as to feel like you ‘arrived’.

So instead of saying that you are going to ‘hustle’ or promote your business more to gain more income this year also strive to become more financially conscious. If you lack financial education you will not reap the full benefits of the income that you earn at any level.

In addition to wanting to lose weight, learn weight management. Weight can find you just as easily, if not more, than you lose it. Lose the pounds and keep them off. Weight loss is a life style change. This means that you must become more focused and disciplined and if you have been struggling with this aspect of your life you likely lack these traits to the degree necessary. Focus and discipline will serve you well in all areas of your life so this is an added bonus.

Improving your love life starts with making better decisions. You can’t just pluck someone out of a hat and hope for the best. What a waste of time and energy. You have to have a selection process. Set criteria and stick with them. What are your disqualifiers? Many times you know within the first few conversations or dates if this person is a keeper. Hang on to dead ends for what? Because you are lonely? Keep up your bad relationship habits and loneliness will be a constant state with or without someone in your life.

Ask questions of people who are already successful in what you are trying to do. Research for yourself and maintain a high resolve.  Change your way of thinking so that the transition is possible.  Making the necessary adjustments within ourselves to become better is the difficult part. After that, achieving greatness becomes natural.


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