The Death Of Impossible

I was blown away the first time I saw him.  I had never seen racing blades before. Whether I missed them all my previous years or if they were a new development was beside the point. Oscar Pistorius had me captivated. It was not just the blades, it was the beauty of his determination to not be bound by circumstance.  Of course there were many disabled participants in the Special Olympics before he hit the scene but it was the first time that I took note.  Then Facebook and YouTbe began circulating a video of a girl without arms who drove, applied her make-up, and wrote….everything WITH HER FEET! There is so much that individuals with handicaps learn to do with the little that their condition leaves them with. Yet, able bodied people continuously create excuses for why they can’t, which translates into why they won’t, do what they simply refuse to put the effort into doing.

Impossible. A declaration that the full gamut of possibilities has been exhausted and no way exist to reach a desired result. The firm belief that a thing just is not and cannot be so.  And as if impossibility in itself was not abstract enough, it’s parameters vary depending on the individual’s mindset since it’s nothing more than the limitations that one allows themselves to be bound by.

I am a firm believer that all things are possible.  Sound foolish? To many it may be; and those are the groups who may have a very vast, self-imposed set of physical and psychological limitations on their lives.  Whether you believe in God or the order of the Universe, both give you the authority to affect your change with the proper mentality. Don’t believe me? Read the Bible or The Secret.  This is discussed at length in my book Conversations That Make A Difference: Shift Your Beliefs To Get What You Want.

Impossible is no more than a learned word stamped on your brain telling you that due to certain factors something cannot happen. A trained fallacy. So retrain your mind!  When a challenge presents itself and the word can’t comes to mind, immediately reject the thought and begin formulating ways to get it done! This is going to mean thinking outside of the box, and yes, a bit of hard work.  We have been cheating ourselves out of what we could accomplish by submitting to our weak reasoning.

Stop being too lazy to at least try. Have faith that you will succeed and pay no attention to the advice of the naysayers, even if the naysayer is you.  If you don’t succeed the first time around that is perfectly fine.  A failed attempt only contributes to the wisdom and stamina that leads to achieving what you set out to do.

How much more of your life will you have opened up before yourself! The possibilities are endless when you remove impossible from the equation. Dig a mental grave, bury that term and never look back.  Impossible does not exist for me. I refuse to be bound. What about you? Will you rise to any occasion under any circumstance that life throws at you or will you succumb and let the currents sweep you where they may?

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