B.J. Butler

Author of Spiritual Thoughts

As a first time author, I wanted to make sure my book was ready to venture out into the world. I knew I needed it proofread but was afraid of selecting a person. I was introduced to Amani Jackson. Although this was my first book, it felt like I was giving her my first born. Amani took very good care of my book and actually improved a lot of things even better than I could have imagine. This first time experience has led me to refer others to her editorial skills. I would use Amani again.


Hire Me To Edit Your Work

Allow me to help you ensure that your important document or manuscript is polished and ready for submission at a very reasonable price. When you use Amani Jackson for editing services, you will find that I correct grammar, spelling, redundancies, problem sentences, and even help you sharpen your vocabulary. I work hard to improve the overall clarity and organization of your manuscript; we fact check, even re-arrange sentences and paragraphs if necessary.

Having a professional editor is very important. Too often we have family and friends review our content. I have found, more often than not, these publications have numerous and unfortunate errors. Don't let your book suffer this fate.

Fee: $.02/word


Let me help you reach your goal.  With me, you will overcome your challenges and receive some tailored writing tips.  Writing coaches help you stay focused and keep writer’s block at bay. I'd love to help you become more creative and descriptive. Readers like to smell, taste, see, feel-the complete experience. It's what keeps them coming back. 6258_914402941922837_1495031055824532398_nWhether you need help crafting academic writing and research or a novel I can help.

Fee: $30/hour



Ghost Writing

As your ghostwriter I can write books, articles, stories, reports, or other texts that are officially credited to you. This service is perfect for celebrities, government officials, executives or anyone who lacks the time or interest to do it themselves. My services are confidential, affordable, and professional.

Fee: Varies based on project. Call for a free consult today. 757-327-3650.