Book Review: Conversing With The Elephant: Chapter 1

Book Review: Conversing With The Elephant: Chapter 1

Welcome back to this fun discussion we have been having between ourselves and this elephant. If you missed the introduction, check out the previous blog here.

Immediately in chapter 1 we are slapped the reality of our flaws as friends. We feel more of an obligation to make our friends feel good and comfortable than we do to be honest. Does her new hairstyle fit her face? Is her outfit appropriate for her body type? Is her makeup natural or will she be mistaken for a circus act? As a friend, as hard as this topic may be to approach, it’s your job to make sure she at least knows the truth. What she does with that knowledge is up to her.

My personal favorite was the discussion on weaves. It is serious. The colors of the rainbow don’t belong on your head. You look foolish, and the thinning edge comment, priceless. I’m not laughing at my sisters with edge issues, but we must work with what we have in a manner that is appealing.

Introduction and Chapter 1 down. So far this elephant is serious business and I’m seeing things even in myself that needs adjustment, like not wanting to hurt my friends’ feelings.  I like the weave topic so much because this is where most of my sensitivity towards my friends goes.  I’ve had some of my girls show up with dry, tangled messes plopped on top of their heads and in my mind I screamed; but my face managed a smile and compliment.  I was wrong. I should have at least offered some mousse or oil to assist. Even if that didn’t directly say, ‘Girl your weave is jacked,’ it at least implies that the imitation Remy is not in good condition.

Well loves, we are 1 tip down with 24 to go. Do you have your copy of the book yet? If not, get it here. And what has the elephant been saying to you so far? Do tell! Let’s chat about this.

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