Who Should Blog 2

Who Should Blog 2

Since I have started my life as a writer nothing has been the same. My weeks are conference calls, networking events, coaching sessions and learning-always learning. The point of all that I do is to get my brand established and flourishing. How can this be established unless I get my face and my products/services in front of people for them to see how amazing Amani Jackson is? However, as a writer, it never dawned on me to venture into other forms of writing to expand my audience and strengthen my skills. During the course of my interactions, I constantly hear people of various professions inquiring how blogging could assist them. Simple. It:

Insight On Your Views

Sure, your website has an ‘About Us’ page with a vision and mission statement, but people want more. How does what your company believes in tie into them? What is your company’s culture? Although you will still get gain consumers with what you are already putting out there, what is the harm in increasing that population?

Blogging is a way of constantly expressing your stance on topics and events surrounding your industry and related businesses. People want to know, from you, what it means, how you will respond and how you are affected. This is an amazing opportunity to express the how, why, where, what, who and when according to you.

Shows Your Personality

Who are you? I personally hate shopping with major retailers. It feels as if this great unknown just snatches my money when I swipe my card at the register and ushers me out of the door with my bags in hand. Blogging gives your consumers, and potential consumers, a peak at the faces behind the brand. The flesh and blood beyond the logos and advertisements. Your business/product/service may be amazing to you, but what makes you stand out from the masses of others in your field? Once a reader leaves a comment or ask a question you need to reach out and respond. This is the contact they are seeking. Make a connection with the consumer and they are more likely to be loyal to your brand.

Keeps You Relevant

The general public obtains information in many different ways. Today, social media is a major tool for businesses in terms of public relations and marketing.

A blog is an efficient means of spreading your message and allowing others to spread it for you in conjunction with social media. By referring to your blog from their website or page, it increases your credibility, especially as a startup. Not many people are familiar with you, yet you are being vouched for. This will attract people to you if for no other reason than curiosity. As long as your business delivers what it promises, you will experience and be pleased with your growth.

Establishes You As An Expert

By sharing valuable, detailed knowledge and tips on your blog, people will develop a trust for you and, eventually, begin a habit of coming to your blog for updates and information. It’s a great idea to reference other credible sources to back your statements so that it is clear you are not just spewing personal opinion. In no time, you will see your company being considered an authority.

An additional benefit of blogging is that since the blog is on your company’s website, and now the consumer is on your website reading your blog, naturally they will peruse the rest of your site. Chances are, they will purchase a service or product. A potential customer has been transformed into an actual customer.

Even if you do not have a business, you have a passion. Everyone has something to say on some topic. Blogging is an incredible way to get it out and encourage dialogue on the topic. Poetry, social issues, religion, culture, finance, education, water…you name it, it’s worthy of a blog. Let the world know who you are and why they should care.

In addition, blogs can be a residual source of income for anyone!  If you are interested in blogging but don’t have the time or the interest in writing, you can hire someone to write your content and simply upload it to your site.

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