Why Doesn’t It Matter That Cardi B Didn’t Get A Louboutin Endorsement?

Why Doesn’t It Matter That Cardi B Didn’t Get A Louboutin Endorsement?

‘I make money moves,’ Cardi says in her song Bodak Yellow. Welp, not everyone agrees that this song made all of the money moves that it could have. Social media, as it does, began criticizing the artist, Cardi B, for not securing an endorsement from Christian Louboutin before giving them so much love in her song.

Here are a few things about this. Many artists shot out brands that they love simply because they love them. We walk around talking about our favorites and they don’t pay us a penny. When was the last time that Jordan, MAC, Pepsi, iPhone, Benz or any of them sent you a check? Brands of quality, and even those without are getting free advertising all of the time. It’s said that Cardi has over 90 pairs of Red Bottoms.  She loves them. Move on.

Critics are saying that her song increased the designer’s sales. Really? Girls with and without the money have been trying to obtain these heels for years, so I doubt that Cardi’s song initiated this fad. Plus, she isn’t the only artist who talks about them.

Another thing is image. Louboutin stated that he doesn’t really listen to rap. Consider the lyrics that Cardi B has in this song and her others. Consider the image she herself is associated with. Would an endorsement be in line with Louboutin’s brand’s values and image?

So, yeah in business we need to make ‘money moves’, but allow artists to do what they love and how they love to do it in the process. If it’s such a problem, maybe we should get endorsements for everything that we rave about and show her how it’s done. And sure, she has a larger platform than the average blogger and she is more popular, but we are talking business in any sense. The one thing that I would consider is the nonchalant response that Louboutin had when asked if he wanted to meet her. She invests in his brand. At least he didn’t say no, right? That he was too busy making money moves. After all, he didn’t reach out to her and ask her to mention the shoes in her song. It was her choice.

Guess that’s why this Steve Madden collaboration is a good thing. Seems more obtainable anyway and I am a madden girl. I may not have the amount of Red Bottoms that she does, but I sure have shelves of Madden’s shoes. I can get ‘em both I don’t wanna choose.

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  1. Aisha says:

    I love the song, but my affiliate link game strong. I believe it is important to monetize your content. You can shout out people for free too, but I usually don’t drop that kind (90 x 675) of money on stuff when I don’t have a relationship with owner.

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