Book Review of The Beginning: Sheena and Monica-Author P.D. Monroe

Book Review of The Beginning: Sheena and Monica-Author P.D. Monroe


Book Review

Title: The Beginning: Sheena and Monica

Author: P.D. Monroe

Publisher: Patrick D. Tunis

Published: March 2016


The title of the book, The Beginning: Sheena and Monica, sets one’s mind on two courses. Either this book was going to be about a lesbian love affair or two girls who become very close and had to make it on their own.  My intuition with books is more times than not correct.


The beginning of the book is likely to grab the reader’s attention with its intense and relatable situations.  This short story introduces two young girls, Sheena and Monica, who find themselves connected to each other through a series of unfortunate events. After a major crippling blow is dealt to both young ladies, they set out on a course of revenge and security.


I liked the book’s storyline and how the characters interacted. I liked the dynamic between the two females from even early on in the story. I wish that we would have seen more of how Monica developed in the two-year leap because I felt a major shift in her personality and would be interested to have been invited into more of those events. Perhaps we will get flashbacks in the sequels.


Regarding the technical aspect of the writing, I noticed many words that were missing from the sentences while reading, which is why professional editors are so important for a writer’s career.  The book proved to be an enjoyable, quick read aside from that.  The ending was abrupt and left me wishing the book had closed out with more of an impact. P.D. Monroe has the potential to be a very gifted writer and I look forward to what he has in store for us in the future.


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