Book Review: Secrets Untold by Latonya Smiley

Book Review: Secrets Untold by Latonya Smiley

Book Review

Title: Secrets Untold: A Daughter’s Cry

Author: Latonya Smiley

Publisher: Unbroken Publishing Inc.

Published: 2015


I knew when I opened the mail and stared at the title what this book had in store. However, these horrible tales always hold unique aspects. I’m thankful that Latonya Smiley found the courage to share her story and the strength to forgive her parents.

Why are books like Secrets Untold valuable pieces? Multitudes of victims are not telling their stories, not healing, and not living freely.  Secrets Untold is Latonya’s story of abuse, pain, frustration, love and overcoming.  It is a journey, like many others, where once shared helps other victims find their way to forgiveness, healing, and life after.

What I found unique about this book was its workshop appeal.  Latonya adds powerful quotes and scriptures throughout the text to encourage readers and give them support to lean on in the future when needed. She also has discussion questions, which cause the reader to dig deep and evaluate their situations and selves for better understanding and resolution.  The journal at the end is another powerful tool she wisely included to assist readers in processing their pain and finding their path. I love it.

I admire how real Latonya was throughout her piece; how transparent she was with her feelings.  I was moved to tears several times throughout her story at the realization of how betraying incest is against a party’s will. ‘When did Daddy’s lap become a place where innocence was lost?’  This book is on a level of its own.  If you are struggling to find your purpose, accept that you have a purpose, forgive, or heal, get your copy of Secrets Untold and get your life back.


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