Is Dickmitized For You?

Is Dickmitized For You?

justinWhat is there to be said about Justin Q. Young’s Dickmitized? Much! For any woman out there who has found herself the other party in these situations, and the men who indulge in these behaviors, there are never dull moments. And even when there threatens to be, there is still a story left to tell, trust me.

With hilarious statements like, ‘Looking at that afro on your pussy is driving me crazy’, and getting a glimpse into what goes on in a man’s mind while they prowl sites for female playmates, you will find yourself thumbing through pages at an eager rate.  This isn’t a book you put down until you’ve read each sentence. You’ve been warned. Don’t cook food or leave the baby in the tub when you pick this up.

Anyone can relate to at least one of the characters found in these pages, and has either found themselves in these situations or has had to fight like hell to keep themselves out of them.  Josiah is straight forward, confident, attractive, and clearly fully equipped to handle anything that comes his way.

More than anything, I love how raw and vivid the book was.  I felt more traumatized than Dickmitized my first few pages, but that’s just because I wasn’t expecting it to be so real.  After that, I was drooling from then on. Ladies, get your copy and get yourself Dickmitized. Fellas, enjoy some best practices and hell-to-the-nos with Josiah and Steve.

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