Shonda Rhimes MasterClass:1

Shonda Rhimes MasterClass:1

Hey loves! So, I plan to make this fun, informative, and quick for you guys. I will be sharing each reason, lesson by lesson, week by week for why I love or dislike the Shonda Rhimes MasterClass. Let’s begin.

This is week 1 for me. It includes the introduction and some basics. I love it already. While you could easily devour the entire course in one sitting, I advise you to take your time and digest it. The introduction speaks about her and why she decided to do the MasterClass. The rest of the first week is basic information about T.V. writing: fundamentals.

Shonda opens your eyes to what you need to consider and learn about T.V. and writing for it beyond, “Oh! I have an idea and everyone will love it!” Do you know the 3 things every T.V. writer should know, why you should read the news, what Shonda means when she says, ‘Be Original’ and what changes T.V. has seen over the last few decades and what shaped those changes?

Masterclass allows you to download each lesson so that you can have them to review time and time again whenever you need to throughout your writing career. Shonda’s sessions are quick videos of her delivering the information. I love the videos because they are short and very informative. She gives you what you need but you have to do work yourself. She points you in the exact direction that you need to dive into, and I do mean dive. You will realize that in order to succeed in this industry you must submerge yourself in everything that perfects your craft.

In this first week I have also enjoyed the other students of MasterClass. Hearing from other writers has been a networking experience in itself. To see writers who are more and less advanced than I, on the same journey, with similar questions and ‘ah-ha’ moments is encouraging. You also learn from them and get more ideas and resources. I just can’t say enough about week 1. It was worth the cost of the class by itself and I have a few more weeks of these golden sessions left!

I decided to join Shonda Rhimes’ MasterClass because of how she wrote Scandal. I love the characters, the way the story unfolds, the language, the inner conflicts, and the relationships. She is my first T.V. writer crush. And then, as if you’re not getting your money’s worth already, she is super humble! Totally relatable! Ok, bye!

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