Why You Should Book An Author For Your Next Event

Why You Should Book An Author For Your Next Event

Your organization or group is holding an event and you want someone to speak. This person must transform the audience or else what was the reason that they came?  The speaker must offer direction, knowledge, passion…interaction. Sure, professionals in the area of discussion are sufficient but an author…an author is an optimal choice.

For starters, an author wrote a book. That takes passion. It takes dedication and focus to transcribe a complete text.  They felt so compelled by this subject matter that they put it in permanent record for global distribution.  Also, an author’s craft is to engage their audience.  Who wants to be bored to death while someone stands in front of them and talks into the crowd?  One must be so skilled that they can touch the reader through words and across pages. The audience wants to be related with, understood, made to feel relevant…not to mention entertained.

No one wants to make a fool of themselves. If a person has written a book they certainly should have some depth of knowledge on the subject. Critics are always ready to spring from the shadows and challenge what they have stated.  There should be academic or reputable references made to substantiate claims and the work definitely should definitely not solely reflect their biased opinions.  If a problem is being discussed that an author has written about, their work has provided a suggestion resolution with the rationale supporting it.

Writers are very much unlike other people. Odd, many may say, but with minds laid open to receive and 6258_914402941922837_1495031055824532398_nexpel concepts, strategies and possibilities which is what spurs them to write.  You don’t just want projections and handouts from your speaker. You want inspiration, innovation…an experience.

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