Why The Best Writers Don’t Get Published Without An Editor

Why The Best Writers Don’t Get Published Without An Editor

I have been ghostwriting and editing for other writers for years. I love it. There is no other way to express how I feel about it. Sharing in the development and production of someone’s story is like nothing else I have experienced. But, that’s the writer in me-the editor. One of the things that make it so spectacular is bringing out the very best in what was already amazing.

I say this all of the time and I will continue saying it in every piece that I write on editing. As the author, you are far too close and invested in the piece to be the only one working on it. YOU WILL MISS THINGS. The story is yours and you already know where each word should be, even if you missed placing it there. You know the plot and you see it unfold in your mind the way you imagine it. However, my love, just because you see the story so clearly does not mean that it translates the same to your reader. There can be disjointed parts, parts that don’t read as smoothly as they sounded to you, terms that you forget others are not as familiar with so you lose them, and so on. What I advise is to meet with an editor, online or in person, and develop a relationship that allows you to get a feel for their talent. Make sure that the editor maintains your voice, style, and passion throughout the piece. Most importantly, the editor must respect your work and stay in line with your vision and story.

You have spent so much time researching and writing a book; isn’t it just as meaningful that the book sells? What I have encountered editing for others is the lack of detail. In a hurry to get the work completed we often skim the surface. An editor can supplement what you have already provided to give deeper perspective and other sources unconsidered. Writing on subjects offers you the opportunity to be known as an expert in the field in which you write. Your writing must be factual and worthy. Don’t just say what others have been saying for years. What else has not been mentioned?

Don’t say it or ask it ANYMORE! When writing an informative piece we like to have Q & A elements. Get the reader involved so that they truly grasp the content. In this I have seen a writer ask the same questions in one Q & A as they did in previous ones. I have also had to modify content that was redundant throughout chapters. Your readers will get bored seeing the same information over and over. Do not use repeat information as filler either. If you have nothing else to say, you are done.

Here is a tip. Publishing companies do offer editing packages. These are typically limited to punctuation and grammar; and in the most basic sense. A publishing company’s editor works for guess who? The publishing company! Surprise! You want an editor who works for you. Having your own editor means that you won’t be in a queue and your work won’t be rushed or generic.

Let’s review what an editor like myself will do for you-

  • Verify sources
  • Enhance content by recommendation
  • Remove redundancies
  • Ensure content clarity and structure
  • Correct grammar, punctuation, and syntax
  • Ghostwriting (if requested)
  • Guide storyline and character development (if requested)
  • And more…the more is any additional service that you request (formatting, etc…)

Yes, what you are writing is super dope. It will entertain, inform, and change lives. Let’s ensure that it is excellently effective and not just acceptable. Acceptable gets lost amongst the multitude. I want your book to succeed. I want your readers to be loyal. This requires creative, quality writing.


Whether you think you need an editor or not, contact me for a free consultation. My services are affordable and guaranteed to meet any deadlines. Happy Writing!

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